Monday, July 31, 2006

Hello everyone.
This post is experimental. It is not experimental poetry nor is it poetry nor is it entirely experimental. It is a picture of my very cute grandmother.

happy birthday mom and jesus

You see, soon I will be going to Moscow. From there I plan on maintaining a blog, and this is step one toward that end. And beside that, I really love my grandma.


CLAY BANES said...

good job. play around with the width (you'll have to publish to take a look at it; a little tedious) to find your number.

hella cute.

Carla said...

your grandmother is magic. i love her smile.
i think--unlike the bay area--moscow will be a blogging hotbed and you'll find yourself amongst a bunch of self-indulgent, literary hack jobs. good times.
also, i do freelance tech support on tuesdays. email me about bloggeration or other things.

CLAY BANES said...

this must be the part where you read this when you're there, gmt + 3.


p.s. you may want to think about turning on word verification. why? you'll see. . . .

CLAY BANES said...

good bumping into you. 20s this weekend. yeah!

heidieden said...

Look how cute your grandma is! And your hair - it was so short! Actually, the whole frigging pic is adorable. I lurve it.