Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What a Summer

There are many things that I've meant to write about over the last few months, such as finishing the first year of my PhD program, spending two months in St. Petersburg during the worst heat wave they've experienced in perhaps a thousand years, and the landscape of New England, with which I'm becoming a bit more familiar.


The last couple months have been Real Life. That means that I've experienced the worst grief that I've ever had to come up against, thought as a result of that grief about my beliefs on human and earthly experience, and become completely backlogged with deadlines and duties, and my time has been used for everything but writing on this here blog. And so, my dear handful of readers, I'll have to just promise to return when I have the time, which I'm hoping will be sooner than later. I do indeed have much to share, so my stories will be worth the wait. Rest assured.

A few quick notes, however:
1) I have successfully kicked my internet addiction. I realize that by calling it an "addiction," I am blowing it out of proportion; many people spend their whole day on the interweb, and I am not that type, but my fascination with gossip/fashion/news blogs has been happily curbed, and I am much better for it. Spending the summer abroad and then being confronted with What's Really Important takes the credit for my new, improved, minimal-internet-use existence. (And yes, I realize that declaring that particular thing on a blog is somewhat ironic. It's unavoidable).
2) My love for the Pacific Northwest has been renewed with a vengeance. More on that later.
3) I have found my dissertation topic! Joy! Drinks on me! (I'll have seltzer water with lemon, please).
4) The White Mountain National Forest is beautiful. Good camping, good hiking; I plan on many future trips to New Hampshire to visit the forest and the variety of other state and regional parks up there. I will definitely take my camera along. And finally,
5) Boy, I have lots and lots of pictures to share with you. Mostly Russia, with a smattering of other things.

That's all for now. I plan on forcing myself to relax this weekend, so maybe I'll relax by whipping up a post or two. In the meantime, easy does it...