Sunday, February 03, 2008


Being that I've finally put together all my applications for graduate school, I thought I'd get out of the house and take some pictures of the street art that covers our neighborhood. For the most part, the graffiti is just bad tagging and little craftsmanship, but there are some things that I think actually qualify as good decoration.
recycling bin
little girl
They don't seem to have the same stigma about graffiti here as they do in the States; it's not a sign of a bad neighborhood, nor does its presence lower rents in the area. It's just the norm. I like it - it dresses up the streets even when the weather is grey and gloomy.
Everyone looking forward to Super Tuesday? I know I am. I can't wait to see what happens. I'll definitely be up all night waiting for that...hopefully I'll be able to stay awake for the class I have to teach the next morning! In the meantime, I'll just do a bunch of crosswords kindly sent to us by Brad's grandma and revel in the fact that I finished my applications. I figure I've got a couple weeks before I start stressing out about the results, so I'll enjoy the peace while I can. Everybody wish me luck...